Guangzhou is happiest city in Guangdong

guangzhou Guangzhou is happiest city in Guangdong


The Guangdong capital of Guangzhou is the happiest city in the Pearl River Delta region, according to the 2010 Report on Comprehensive Appraisal of Constructing Happy Guangdong released for the first time by the Guangdong Provincial Statistics Bureau.

The first report on happiness index showed that Guangzhou had an index of 83.79, followed by Dongguan, Zhuhai and Shenzhen.

For many people, the results are quite unexpected. For example, Shenzhen, which ranked first in GDP per capita, only placed fourth within the region. The ranking of happiness index of other cities also differed from that of GDP per capita.

Guangdong Provincial Statistics Bureau explained that Shenzhen got lower-ranking development index because its social development fell behind economic development. Though it had first provincial ranking in GDP per capita, indicators like public areas for cultural facilities for every 10,000 persons and proportion of payments of employees in GDP fell behind the average level of the entire province.

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